Ultimate Ladle - Slate

  • Think a ladle can't change your life? Think again. This Slate Ultimate Ladle features a deep scoop with convenient measurements, a flexible bowl so you can get hard-to-reach corners of a pot and a precision pouring edge so you won't spill everywhere. Keep changing your life with the complete slate set.
    1. A precision pouring edge that won’t spill a drop.
    2. A deep scoop with imperial and metric measurements embossed in easy-to-read text.
    3. A handle set at the ideal angle for ergonomic use.
    4. A flexible bowl that gets into the hard-to-reach corners of any pot.
  • "GIR started with a broken spatula, and a mission to get it right. When our founder Samantha Rose reached into the drawer for a replacement, every spatula was a disappointment: melted, burned, warped—and worst of all, they had detachable blades that trapped hidden gunk. From this drawer full of lousy spats came the inspiration for a one-piece spatula that would be elegant, easy to clean, and virtually indestructible. Today, with carefully chosen materials, an uncompromising focus on quality, and a bit of attitude, our “get it right” ethos spans a line of homeproducts that are beautiful, functional, and fun. Our products have won awards from America's Test Kitchen, The Wirecutter, and many other trusted pro reviewers - along with thousands of rave reviews from our customers. We love to take something that’s always been good enough, turn it on its head, and make a statement with a new design that solves a problem while making everyone happy at the same time. What makes us tick? It’s that moment when a customer writes in saying “where has this been all my life?!”, professing their love for something as simple as a spatula. That’s why we’re here."

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