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Jade Facial Roller

Bummer! Please let me know when this product is available again.

  • Jade is apparently a stone that is supposed to bring you good luck. While I can't say that's firmly a scientific fact, I can say that this Jade Facial Roller has brought my puffy face good luck after a night when mama had one too many dirty martinis. I like to keep mine in the refrigerator and drain my face of fluid and bad decisions.
    1. Jade is known for bringing good luck, abundance, and prosperity. It promotes a sense of peace and purity within the mind.
    2. Maximize your skincare routine by incorporating this crystal roller to massage your skin. Facial rolling is a popular facial massage technique that promotes healthy, glowing complexion.
    3. Increases elasticity of skin
    4. Reduces appearance of pores
    5. Boosts overall collagen levels
    6. Promotes lymphatic drainage
    7. Eliminates toxins
    8. Reduces puffiness and wrinkles
    1. After applying your skincare, take the facial roller and roll from the center of your face up and outwards towards your temples. On the forehead, roll in an upwards motion. Repeat the same motion on the sides of your nose for a completed facial massage.
  • "In 2013, my mom started developing skin allergies to department-brand products. My parents are both holistic doctors of natural medicine, so my mom realized she could use her knowledge about herbs. Shortly after, I developed psoriasis. I then became OBSESSED with reading EVERYTHING on my beauty bottles, but I realized everything natural and organic out there was really expensive--especially as a broke college student. So I started hitting the kitchen and making my own recipes to help out my own skin problems (acne, acne scarring, blackheads, dark circles--basically what every young woman deals with)."

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