Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal

    • I'm not going to lie, I thought this whole ~*~gratitude~*~ stuff was a little too woo-woo for me. But then I read about the actual health benefits you can experience from simply sitting down and writing what you're grateful for and I got a little more curious. Yes, writing what you're grateful can definitely lift your mood and calm you down, but I personally need a little more. And this Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal is just that. It's full of prompts that make you think, inspiring quotes, reflections, breathing exercises and more. Crack it open once a day and you'll be zen in no time.
      1. Lasts for 6 months
      2. A5 size
      3. Hardcover with faux vegan leather
      4. 100 gsm responsibly harvested paper
      5. Sewn binding
    • "My name is Kate and I'm a 25 year old girl that has graduated college and was lost on her journey. As I dived into self help books, I started to fall in love with self development, searching for life purpose and happiness. It was surprising to learn I’m not alone in this search. That is how I decided to create my brand Lamare. Lamare is not only about planners and journals, it’s about building a community of young women that help and uplift each other, grow and build their empires together."

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