Lightwell Co.

Black Tea & Mandarin White Tumbler Candle

  • This candle smells exactly like what it says...mandarin oranges with a hint of black tea. I think the black tea cuts it a little so it's not mandarin/citrus overkilla and the cedarwood gives it some warmth. All I know is this scent makes me very very happy.
    1. 9 oz. 
    2. Burns for 55 hours
    3. Fragrance Notes: black tea leaves, crisp mandarin and warm cedarwood
    4. Hand-poured in a glossy white tumbler with a cotton braided wick for an environmentally friendly, clean burn
  • Lightwell Co. candles are hand-poured in a glossy tumbler using a custom blend of 100% soy wax and pure coconut wax, and premium grade fragrance oil derived from essential oils.

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