Ultimate Whisk - Coral

  • Add a little spice to your whisking life with this Coral Ultimate Whisk. It features firm, stainless steel wires and the little grooves give you a good grip (YAS alliteration). Make it a pretty little family with the whole coral set.
    1. Hardened 304 stainless steel wires, inserted under high tension, vibrate vigorously to maximize turbulence and shear force in any liquid medium.
    2. Wires and handle are counterbalanced to reduce wrist fatigue.
    3. geometric facets make for a non-slip grip.
    4. Size: 11.3" x 2.8"
  • "GIR started with a broken spatula, and a mission to get it right. When our founder Samantha Rose reached into the drawer for a replacement, every spatula was a disappointment: melted, burned, warped—and worst of all, they had detachable blades that trapped hidden gunk. From this drawer full of lousy spats came the inspiration for a one-piece spatula that would be elegant, easy to clean, and virtually indestructible. Today, with carefully chosen materials, an uncompromising focus on quality, and a bit of attitude, our “get it right” ethos spans a line of homeproducts that are beautiful, functional, and fun. Our products have won awards from America's Test Kitchen, The Wirecutter, and many other trusted pro reviewers - along with thousands of rave reviews from our customers. We love to take something that’s always been good enough, turn it on its head, and make a statement with a new design that solves a problem while making everyone happy at the same time. What makes us tick? It’s that moment when a customer writes in saying “where has this been all my life?!”, professing their love for something as simple as a spatula. That’s why we’re here."

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