November 13, 2018 2 min read

It's time to get your pilgrim on.

Ah, Thanksgiving. It's the time of year for gathering with friends and family, sharing what you're thankful for and eating like you're going to the electric chair. You could fill a trough with a pound of mashed potatoes and no one would judge you.

If you're tasked with bringing an hors d'oeuvre and are somewhat lacking on cooking skills or are short on time, an easy option is putting together a charcuterie board. There's no cooking, baking, heating, dancing involved. Just opening packages and putting everything on a serving vessel. Kick it up a notch and at least look like you tried by making it fully Fall/Thanksgiving themed with a few decorative items. With still no cooking required! 

For any charcuterie board, I like to aim for two types of each main item and then add accents. So two types of cheese, two types of meat and two types of fruit. You can obviously adjust and do more or less depending on how many people will be diving in. And then add accents like nuts, olives, etc. I usually then serve it with slices of a baguette or fancy crackers because I'm fancy like that. 



 Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board

  • One simple cheese - I like cheddar, parmesan or brie. Something for us boring, not so adventurous people.
  • One aggressive cheese - Blue cheese or anything that smells gross. 
  • Salami, prosciutto or pepperoni are good options for the meat. 
  • Fruit like strawberries, grapes and apples are solid go-tos. Plums and figs are good for Thanksgiving and fall. Although I've personally never seen anyone but hipsters eat figs in real life.
  • Food accents like nuts, olives or dried fruit are easy and inexpensive options.
  • Decorative accents like fresh herbs and sunflowers make your charcuterie board nice and ~*~fEsTiVe~*~ 
  • Serving platter: I love using this copper serving board to add a little shine (make sure you protect it with parchment paper) or this white marble one to keep shit chic. Don't forget cheese knives! I used to think they were kind of pointless but once I started using them, I can't back to the huge knifes was using before. Trust me. This set is so gooooood.


Tell me what you think! What do you usually add? Any suggestions? 




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