October 15, 2018 1 min read

Grab your fellow basic witches, some fabulous glassware and a magical potion of your choosing to play our Hocus Pocus Drinking Game. 


Take a drink every time...

  • There’s a man wearing a flowy peasant top.
  • You hear “Thackery Binx” and get annoyed it’s not “Zachary.”
  • When you catch yourself not being able to look away from Winifred’s two front teeth.
  • Someone makes fun of Max for being from California
  • The Sanderson sisters cast a spell.
  • Sarah Sanderson’s boobs are distracting.
  • Someone says “little children.”
  • A non-witch adult is wearing a witch hat.
  • Someone makes a reference to Mary Sanderson being fat, which is NOT COOL.
  • Something happens that’s so perfectly 90’s you could cry. Example: Max’s Cross Trainers.
  • Sarah Sanderson jumps up and down.
  • The Sanderson Sisters panic over water.
  • When someone says something and you’re reaction is “wow, I never picked up on that inappropriate joke as a kid.”
  • Mary Sanderson smells something.
  • The Sanderson Sisters go somewhere on their brooms.
  • You find yourself wondering why Allison hasn’t been in more movies.

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