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This isn't your grandmother's bingo.

Invite your favorite Madonnas and John John Kennedys over, put on your finest Sonja Morgan New York jumpsuit, slather on some Ageless by Ramona and get ready to play Real Housewives of New York bingo. It works just like any other bingo game (if you've spent your childhood in a cave and don't know how to play, here you go) except instead of calling out numbers/letters, you just put a chip or whatever you have on the space when the event in that space happens. And when you win, I highly recommend yelling "CLIP!" instead of "bingo." Ya dig? There's a card for each of our Manhattan goddesses you can download and print below. Make it nice!






Download here



Download here



Download here



Download here



Download here


Did you play? Did you love it? Tell me everythiiiiiiing!


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Nicole Mallette Giesler
Nicole Mallette Giesler

April 24, 2019

This is brilliant! What are the prizes?
I want to the leg prosthetic? If I lose, I’ll just toss it on the table.

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